Roadkill Nights Aug. 10th Review

Roadkill Nights Aug. 10th Review

Drift Rides. Thrill Rides. Racing down Woodward. Top Fuel and Funny Car Burnouts. These are all major parts of Roadkill Nights.


On the big day of August 10th, the majority of Roadkill's event showdown was active. Mike Finnegan and David Freighburger are hosting the largest celebration of classic street racing and car meets that has been seen in the United States.  With a standing collection of 10,000 people on the M1 Concourse grounds during the saturday portion of the event, lines became longer and the crowd became fuller. 


The cars drag racing down Woodward were a strong highlight of the event, because they made up a majority of the attraction. Apart from the other events happening behind the scenes, the drag racing was the most significant as it was the only scene at the event that shut down a road for its purpose. 

Drift Rides at Roadkill Nights 2019

The drift rides were as intense as the drag racing, except they were far louder from the screeching agony of the fearful tires.